African Power Movement (APM)

The African Power Movement was formed on the 25th July 2014.

The party president is Zaahira Tiry. Tiry says the motivation to form the APM arose from South Africans expressing their need for justice and an end to on-going oppression.

This will be the first time that the APM, which is a regional political party, will contest an election. The party will be contesting for the Nelson Mandela Bay region.

This is a summary of the APM’s 2016 election manifesto:

- To assist the sector of the population that has lost their identity documents in shack fires and cannot afford to have them re-issued or have never had an identity document.
- The party prioritises the welfare of the vulnerable in society (the elderly, the sick, the disabled, our youth, our women), including the protection of animals and the South African habitat.
- The APM appreciates that no society can exist without humanitarian leadership.
- The APM takes cognisance of the impact of natural disasters, climate change, political instability and uprising civil conflict on humanity, and the importance of responding to emergencies.
- The party is vigilant of the warning signs of regional collapse and endorse a peoples’ declaration of suffering.
- The administrative running of the municipality can be managed professionally by experts and municipal responsibilities adhered to with the necessary professional standard.
- Our primary concern is your emergency, your life, your present, your future, your survival.

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