Cape Muslim Congress (CMC)

The Cape Muslim Congress was formed in 2006 with its main focus being the political, economic, social and cultural progress of the Cape Muslims.

Party founder, Yagyah Adams formed the party in his living room from where he still manages the party business today. Adams says he felt obligated to start the party as the Cape Muslim community was not represented adequately in the City of Cape Town. The CMC says its’ victory will see everyone being protected against arrogance, wastage and corruption.

The party founder is Yagyah Adams. Yoemna Dramat is the party’s secretary. Mogamat Adams holds the position of Treasurer.

The Cape Muslim Congress participated in the 2011 local government elections in the Cape Town metro. Adams is the party's sole councillor in the City of Cape Town. Unlike some of the major political parties, the party is funding its’ own election campaign and is doing so on a budget of R150 000. The party is hoping to gain more support and have at least five more councillor after the 2016 elections. It needs around 50 000 to 100 000 votes to secure the seats.

This is a summary of the CMCs 2016 election manifesto:

- The CMC has pledged that everyone will be protected against arrogance, wastage and corruption.
- The CMC will have skilled and qualified candidates who will offer free services to institutions, madrassas and mosques should the person be elected.
- The CMC will ensure equitable tariffs for water, electricity and rates.
- The party will build business parks for the use of the residents; this includes workshops for mechanics and welders at a reduced tariff.
- The CMC will promote skills transfer by employing retired skilled community tailors, dressmakers and carpenters etc. to teach the unemployed but dedicated youth, a trade.
- The party plans to develop quality rental housing in quality suburbs for families who require access to housing until the family can afford to buy their own property.
- The CMC aims to create employment by utilising human labour and not machinery where possible.
*- It will deploy a metro police manned vehicle and post cameras near every drug house to monitor, search and report on every person or vehicle entering the premises.
- The party will liaise with the South African Revenue Services to pursue lifestyle tax audits on the revenue of persons and activities whose income is questionable or seem suspicious.
- In a bid to reduce crime, the party will petition for the tracking of repeat criminals for a five year period.
- The CMC will petition parliament to implement a three-strike rule similar to California in the United States of America where if one commits more than three violent crimes, they will automatically get a 10 year sentence.
- The party will continue to petition parliament via the media for the return of the death penalty for calculated murder, violent house invasion, carjacking, drug dealing,etc.
- The party will also continue to petition parliament via the media for an automatic five year sentence where alcohol or drugs are involved in criminal activity including road accidents.

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