Merafong Civic Association (MECA)

The Merafong Civic Association was formed on the 17th April 2010 with a mission to protect people’s civic rights by fighting the injustices of the system through the Human Rights Commission.

The party is headed by Reverend Bongani Mhlwempu Mapolisa. The deputy president is Helen Takalo. The secretary is Linda Lujabe.

The Merafong Civic Association contested the 2011 local government elections. It won one seat in the Limpopo province.

This is a summary of the MCA’s 2016 election manifesto:

-The party prioritises the implementation of affordable rate tables for township residents and the local business community.
- The MCA wants to see the reconnection of electricity supply to all households.
- The party wants to see the normalization and upgrading of municipal infrastructure.
- It wants the provision of special concessions in respect of the elderly and the disabled.
- It wants the withdrawal of all services payment related to legal action, such as summonses as well as the return of confiscated property, the removal of names from the credit bureau and cancellation of all payment arrangements made by residents under duress.
- The party wants more land to be allocated to make up for confiscated football grounds as well the construction and maintenance of adequate sporting and recreational facilities.
- It seeks to place management of all sporting facilities in the hands of relevant sporting bodies.
- It wants more youth development programs which will empower the youth with trading skills to assist in starting their own small businesses and organise sponsors for them.
- The MCA further wants the maintenance and promotion of the standard set by national government’s health department.
- The party wants basic health care and health practises in hospitals in clinics, particularly when it comes to vaccines for Aids and HIV positive patients.
-It wants mobile clinics for terminally ill patients as well as home-based health care units.
-The party wants to subsidies for organized traditional healers to improve them.
- The MCA also wants more land to be identified for the purpose of building houses to accommodate people who are squatting in other people’s backyards.
- It also wants more land for building more churches.
- The party wants the allocation of residents in accordance with the Gauteng Provincial Government housing waiting list of 1996.
- The party also wants more schools to be built, including affordable boarding schools with best facilities.
- It wants the construction of satellite universities and campuses.
- The MCA is also seeking that remedial schools be set up to accommodate learners with learning difficulties.
- It wants the re-enforcement of indigenous games and sport in schools.
- It also seeks to organise reliable and consistent transport to cater for learners, especially from the disadvantaged communities.

Party List

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