Christian Democratic Party (CDP)

The Christian Democratic Party was formed on the 9th September 1999.

The CDP was formed because of the need for a truly multi-cultural conservative party in South Africa that endorses federalism and responsible capitalism.

The CDP offers itself to the electorate as an alternative government. The party says that it commits itself to ordering civil government according to biblical principles and to restore integrity and decency to public life thus ensuring good governance that will address all critical issues affecting citizens.

The party president is Reverend Theunis G Botha.

The CDP has taken part in every election at national and local levels since 1999 with the exception of the 2014 national elections.


This is a summary of the CDP’S 2016 election manifesto:

- A South Africa that belongs to all who live in it, unified in their diversity
- Recognition of independent civil institutions
- Non-discrimination against all citizens
- The right of all citizens to a peaceful and secure future.
- Protecting society against external and internal liberal/socialist influences.
- Promotion and protection of Culture, Religion and Language

- Small Government
- A Responsible welfare system
- Effective Local Government
- Creating a just tax system

Moral values
- The safety of a baby in its mother’s womb
- Marriage between a man and a woman only
- Keeping prostitution, which reduces women’s worth to no more than a commodity, illegal.

- Supporting public and private Education including home schooling
- Mother tongue education at primary and where possible tertiary levels.

- State hospitals being properly maintained and serviced by competent staff.
- Outsourcing Hospital administration to competent bodies to ensure maximum efficiency
- Ensuring private healthcare

- The removal of restrictive labour legislation
- Promoting economic growth and the creation of jobs.
- Holding Unions responsible for their actions.
- Outlawing Illegal strikes.
- Securing our borders to deal with illegal immigration.

- A competent judiciary
- Access to justice for all
- Recognising the rights of victims
- Restorative justice

Safety and Security
- A professional, well equipped, police service
- Support for community policing

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