National Party South Africa (N.P)

The National Party was formed on the 2nd July 1915. The party later regrouped and relaunched on the 23rd November 2008. The New National Party (NNP), formerly the Nationalist Party, had ruled South Africa for 40 years during the apartheid era.

Under the leadership of FW DE Klerk, the party secured 20 percent of the total votes of the 1994 elections. The party was the second largest party after the ANC. It however, lost a significant amount of voters in the years after the 1994 elections. The party won a majority of votes in the Western Cape, giving it control of the provincial legislature. The NNP, along with the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), joined Nelson Mandela's government of national unity after the 1994 elections. De Klerk was one of two executive deputy presidents, the other being the ANC's Thabo Mbeki, and NNP members occupied important cabinet positions.

The party’s current president is Achmat Williams. The deputy president is Elizabeth Bantom.

The party contested the 2009 elections in the Western Cape. It did not win any seats.

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