Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (ICOSA)

The Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (Icosa ) was formed in Virginia, Free State in 1999. It was founded by former African National Congress (ANC) Karoo District Municipality manager, Truman Prince. This after he was expelled from the
ANC in January 2006.

Prince was reinstated as municipal manager by the municipal council in June 2007 after a protracted legal battle.

Icosa once had a coalition with the Democratic Alliance (DA). The DA/Icosa coalition took power in the Kannaland Local Municipality in August 2006 when the short-lived ANC-led coalition pact with the DA collapsed.

The party president is Jeffrey Donsen.


In 2014, Icosa contested at a national level and in four provinces, namely the Free State, Gauteng, Northern Cape and the Western Cape. For the upcoming elections, the party will be contesting in the Eastern Cape, Free State and Western Cape.


Below is a summary of Icosa’s election manifesto:

- Construction of houses for all people who qualify for housing.
- Creating more sports facilities and recreational facilities and further upgrading sports facilities, as well as facilitating their maintenance; including a youth centre and a centre for the elderly.
- The tarring and/or paving of dirt roads, sidewalks and drainage.
- Discounts on industrial plots, low tax rates and cheaper services for businessmen, several years to come.
- The writing-off of uncollectible (overdue) debt and providing a free basic amount of water, electricity and other municipal services.
- Free electricity will be supplied to workers. Where farm owners provide viable free housing and jobs, discounted rates will be given to farm owners.
- The creation of a safer and cleaner environment.
- Stable local government through good cooperation with district council, as well as the provincial and national spheres of government.
- The optimal utilization of water resources.
- Helping pre-schools with development programs for children.

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