Al Jama-ah (ALJAMA)

The Al Jama-ah was formed in 2007. Party leader, Ganief Hendricks said the party was started so that “instead of finger pointing, Muslims could play a sincere and positive role, contributing to the transformation of post-Apartheid South Africa, for the benefit of all South Africans.”

Ganief Hendricks is the party president.

The Al Jama-ah party plans to have 30 candidates contesting polls in the Western Cape during the August 2016 elections.

This is an increase from the five they fielded in the previous local government elections in 2011. The party currently has one councillor in the City of Cape Town and one in Johannesburg.

The party drew support from 13 227 voters during the 2011 local government elections. For the 2014 elections, Al Jama-ah contested both nationally and in the Western Cape.


This is a brief summary of the Al Jamah-ah’s election manifesto.

-Visit schools to report on learner's challenges.
-Encourage Welfare NGO‘s and provide necessary logistical support.
-Work for all for the betterment of the communities. (DORA ACT) Division of Revenue Act for Sports and Parks and Cemeteries maintenance.
-To institute a full budget in consultation with residents.
-To ensure that the ward’s financial needs are effectively solved, instead of being gradually appeased.
-This will bring about real material changes to disadvantaged wards that are long overdue.

Party List

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