Vryheidsfront Plus (VF PLUS)

The Freedom Front was formed in 1993 by General Constand Viljoen, the former chief of the SA Defence Force. As head of the Afrikaner Volksfront, Viljoen was instrumental in convincing conservative Afrikaners to participate in the new dispensation, through which, he argued, the issue of self determination should be taken up.
Following the party's poor showing in the 1999 elections, General Viljoen retired, paving the way for Dr Pieter Mulder. During the window period for floor-crossing in March-April 2003, the FF joined forces with the Conservative Party and the Afrikaner Eenheids Beweging (AEB) in order to contest the 2004 elections as a new entity as the FF+. Instead of fighting for an Afrikaner homeland, the FF+ focused on advancing the cultural rights of the Afrikaners.
The new Freedom Front Plus (FF+), headed by Pieter Mulder, and the African Christian Democratic Party were the only parties unaffected by the September 2005 floor-crossing period.
In the 2009 elections, the FF+ won only four seats in the National Assembly and a single seat each in the Free State and Gauteng legislatures. Soon after the 2009 poll, FF+ leader Pieter Mulder was appointed to President Jacob Zuma's executive as deputy minister of environmental affairs.

Dr Pieter Mulder is the National Leader and Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
In 1984 Dr Mulder was appointed Professor and Head of the Department of Communication at Potchefstroom University. In 1985 Dr Mulder was elected to the Potchefstroom Town Council.
In March 1988 he was elected to Parliament when he won a by-election in Schweizer-Reneke.
In 1994 he was a founding member of the Freedom Front (Vryheidsfront) and was elected chairperson of the Party. Dr Mulder was a member of the Freedom Front’s negotiating team with the ANC before the election of 27 April. As number two candidate on the party's national list he was re-elected to Parliament in 1994. In March 2001 he was elected leader of the Freedom Front.
In 2009 Dr Mulder was appointed by President Jacob Zuma as Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
In 2010 at the 10th General Assembly of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) he was elected to the presidency of this international organization and in 2012 he was re-elected to this position.

The Freedom Front Plus contested the 1994 and 1999 elections under the banner of the FF+.
The party won 0.44% of the vote (or 153 159) in the 2011 local elections.
In the 2014 elections, the FF+ secured 0.90% of the popular ballot; it won four seats as a result.

The FF+ is yet to launch its 2016 elections manifesto

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