Independent Ratepayers Association of SA (IRASA)

The Independent Ratepayers Association of SA was formed in Gauteng in 2005 with the intention of bringing back independent councillors.

The political party councillors vote via party lines and not to the benefit of ratepayers. The mission and vision of the party is to keep politics out of local government.

The national chairperson of Irasa is Izak Berg. The secretary of the party is Michelle Murphy.

This is a summary of IRASA's 2016 election manifesto:

- Root out and fight corruption where ever it is found.
- Ensure quality service delivery to all residents.
- Provide clean water and reliable electricity.
- Affordable rates and value for money.
- Act on roads and repairing of potholes.
- Fight poverty and inequality.
- Empower the disadvantaged no matter of race and colour.
- Create jobs and economic opportunities for all residents.
- Initiating growth and development in line with the Growth and

Development Strategy (GDS) 2040.
- Improve the quality of life of residents through the responsible allocation of resources.

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