Azanian People's Organisation (AZAPO)

Azapo was formed on the 28th April 1978. The party preaches the philosophy of black emancipation and black consciousness which is a philosophy popularised by the late Steve Biko who was killed in police cells in 1977.

The party president is Jack Dikobo. The deputy president is Strike Thokoane.

In 2011, Azapo performed dismally in the local government elections.

The party only drew support from 6960 voters and received 0.02 percent support tally.

This is a summary of Azapo’s 2016 election manifesto:

-Empowering citizens by introducing a system whereby the president of the country and mayors are elected directly by citizens so that they are directly accountable to them.
-Introducing recall so citizen are able to remove non-performing politicians from elected office;
-Making Parliament the final appointing authority, after holding public confirmation hearings for people nominated by the president.
*-Ensure that no individual or group of individuals will have disproportionate influence on politics and policies of the country.
-Re-invent government by abolishing provincial governments and replacing them with administrators answerable to the national government.
-Azapo will redirect resources and skills, currently at provincial level, to local government – where they matter most.
-Fighting corruption and nepotism by introducing a restorative merit system in all civil service appointments so as to root out the system of patronage currently practised by the ruling party.
-Protect the integrity of the tender awarding process and open it up for public scrutiny.
*-Fix the education system so that children are able to participate in the economy of the 21st century; skilling our labour force for modern jobs; encouraging innovation and supporting the development of novel ideas.
-Support SMMEs and removing all bureaucratic hurdles.
-Facilitating a social compact between labour and business to ensure living wages,safe working conditions and high productivity; involving communities in identifying their needs and developing local economies to meet those needs.
-Encouraging co-operatives that facilitate community and co-operation through citizens working together and helping each other.
-The state investing in infrastructure development aimed at the real needs of the people.
-Adopting a fiscal and monetary policy geared at promoting growth and employment and implementing a foreign policy that pursues shared prosperity for the region and continent.
-Setting up and managing a functioning healthcare system with universal coverage.
-Providing social security that helps people meet their basic needs; making the development and support of people living with disability a Presidential issue.
-Create a youth ministry that will look after the needs of the largest segment of our population and bearers of our hopes and dreams; and advancing the cause to build an antisexist society.

Party List

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