African Freedom Salvation (AFS)

The African Freedom Salvation party is one of the new parties to enter the political sphere. The Limpopo-based party was formed on the 3rd March 2016, just five months shy of the local government elections.

The party main focus is to “eradicate poverty and provision of job opportunities to all deserving communities and people, including youth while optimally utilizing state prescripts governing service delivery programmes due to people.”

The leader of the party is Thomas Mabunda.

This will be the first local government elections that the AFS will be contesting.

This is a summary of the AFS’s election manifesto:

- To utilize the Mopani District Municipality resources for the benefit of all members living in it and effectively improve services.
- To build leaders who will sustain the wealth of Mopani, supporting Christianity and conform to work ethics while maintaining human values in their execution of state duties.
- To maintain the relationship between government and communities by ensuring that appropriate utilization of Batho Pele (People First) principles developed during the dawn of democracy in South Africa is effectively monitored.
- To invest in youth by creating opportunities for them to further studies at ease, so that they may upgrade their moral values, improve their intelligence and build the society continuously.
- To promote hiring of skilled and qualified labour force, in government sector relevant for a particular position.

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