Minorities of South Africa (MOSA)

The Minorities of SA was formed on 17 February 2016. The party says it was formed because of the "change in circumstances where the experiment of democracy is fast failing all of its citizens".

The party president is Narendh Ganesh.

Mosa is a new party and will be contesting the local government elections for the first time.

This is a summary of the Minorities of South Africa's election manifesto:

- To act in the interest of every citizen, irrespective of colour, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other persuasion in a manner befitting a country worthy of its values.
- To promote meritocracy, fairness, justice and equality for every citizen.
- To ensure that every citizen has a right to education, health care, social services in an equitable manner at all times.
- To strive to place men and women of integrity, commitment and dedication to community upliftment and service at all times.
- To ensure that service delivery to every citizen is a priority and that such delivery will be efficient, effective and timeous.
- To fight bureaucratic ineptitude at the highest level without fear or favour.
- To ensure that no citizen will be discriminated against in any matter whatsoever that gives unfair advantage to another.
- To elect public representatives of greatest integrity who seek only to serve the people and not their personal interests.

Party List

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