Azanian Alliance Congress (AAC)

The Azania Alliance Congress was formed on the 7th December 2015. The main objectives of the party are to “promote social justice, equal opportunities, just division of wealth and equitable distribution of land”.

The party’s president is Reverend Tshidisang Tsie. Motlhabane Oganne holds the deputy president seat while Moshobane Lebusho is the party’s secretary.

This will be the first time that the party contests in the elections. It will be vying for a seat in the Mangaung metro in the Free State.

This is a summary of the AAC’s 2016 election manifesto:

- The party wants fair remuneration and working conditions for all workers.
- The building of more homes than houses on balanced scale.
- Fair and unbiased service delivery in all the wards.
- Implementation of mechanism on projects not to benefit only party card holders.
- The introduction of accountable justice system to wipe out crime.
- Eradication of youth unemployment.
- Good relationship with the community in resolving arrears on rates and taxes.
- Safety measures for commuters in liaison with public transport sectors.
- Cleanliness on our streets as possible as we can.
- Sustainable solution in the eradication of xenophobia and Satanism.
- Balanced chiefdom recognition which will result in the total elimination of tribalism.
- Recognition of widows

Party List

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