Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC)

The Democratic Liberal Congress was formed on May 2016.

The party leader is Patrick Pillay. He is a former Minority Front member.

These will be the first democratic elections that the party will participate in.

This is a summary of the DLC's 2016 election manifesto:

- Will attempt to ease housing problems - achieving an average of 16 000 housing units per annum and more.
- Title deeds are integral, municipalities to be efficient in addressing home ownership and not procrastinate on the registration processes.
- Affirmative [action] must be scrapped.
- A clause of skilled and unskilled local labour and skilled subcontractors from within wards will enhance job opportunities for the unemployed and destitute from within suburbs.
- People must be encouraged to pursue micro home industries.
- Training necessary in the avenue of entrepreneurship, skills development and community empowerment.
- People with disability must be incorporated into political, economic and social cohesion.
- The turnaround time for repairs to water leaks and electricity faults must be within 24 hours.
- The DLC will be fighting for all widows to be afforded a widows rates rebate.
- The party will not tolerate incompetent councillors.
- The party will prioritise monitoring and evaluation of contractors.
- Committed to stamping out ‘tenderpreneurs’ and corruption going to appoint on merit, adjudication committees to be rotated on a quarterly basis.
- Public Private Partnerships that are necessary to fast track service delivery and alleviate public spending.
- More clinics to be built.
- outh empowerment events, skills development, initiate and direct programmes of actions against drugs and social ills.

Party List

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